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Head Shot and Resume
What Manner of Man is He?
Richard II
Rose Rage
Tis Pity She’s a Whore

Thus Far? No. Further.

My biological father was a desperately flawed man. A lot of my early life was shaped by his responses to his mental illnesseses and insecurities. His physical and emotional abuse of my biological mother, his self-hated and his inability to ...

Consist of the subject matter of stalking.

We're all trying to leave a mark. You never know when you're going to die and you'd like to have nudged the world a little before that happens. The thing is: there in no instructional manual for making that happen. Religion tries. There's an old ...


Years ago David Dower taught me to look at the abundance in a situation.  I had trained myself to rattle off the sheaf of reasons that I couldn't be a great theatremaker and never to highlight the unimaginably large foundation that allowed me to ...

Friday Five Redux

A year ago... a man and his art: Well not his art... This is "Crusher" by Simon Birch as installed at 14th Factory. A lot of art folks hate this sort of work... art made for selfies and they hate folks who deign to take their selfies with ...