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To a New Year…
December 31, 2016

A month ago I died. Only for a while, but if you stick to binary score keeping it’s the sort of thing that makes you sit up and take notice. My recovery has been pretty speedy so I spend a…

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He’s a Conspirator!
April 8, 2016

And we’re back with Episode 7 of our slow out into the Twin Cities theatre community. Tonight I open Julius Caesar, the first part of this season’s “Spring Rep”  with the Classical Actors Ensemble. Tomorrow we go even bigger with a…

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November 14, 2015

I can’t rebuild or repair anything. I can’t fight evil. But together with my friends I can create a circle in which you can be transported.

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Home is a Moment
October 29, 2015

My Austin, like everyone’s, was the confluence of specific versions of people and places and projects and that river only moves in one direction.

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Count the Cost
September 17, 2015

Kim Davis’ great mistake is that she hasn’t read the owner’s manual on her faith yet. She read the poster. She saw the trailer.

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Plan Rocker Show Stopper
July 10, 2015

Theatre producers seem to live in a permanent terror about the pending Ragnarok. It may be that most of the theatre makers I know don’t have even 60 days cash on hand never mind a liquid operating fund, but it seems that…

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June 18, 2015

I’m sure that for all performers there are literal moments in performance that are trapped in amber.

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Sweet Creature of Bombast
June 11, 2015

You don’t get to script your endings… Willie Mays as a Met, Dwight Evans as a Baltimore Oriole, Joe Montana as a Kansas City Chief – I actually couldn’t tell you what colour Jerry Rice was wearing when he stopped playing…

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The Road Goes Ever Ever On
May 15, 2015

This weekend is the true start of the end. This weekend is the last time I get to work with Trouble Puppet.

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