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Friday Five

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1. Elizaveta Porodina

2. Sisyphus from the Interesni Kazki collective

3. Tran Ngyuen

4. Lorenzo Duran

5. Shichinohe Masaru

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  • This one is extra good, Travis! Love the Sisyphus pic.

  • Pam

    Me too! Toni thank you for sharing this with me.. oh my gosh! These are excellent!

  • Wait a minute, I came here looking for sexy excel tips…

  • If you hold shift-control and the press down arrow you can force indent
    on the. entire. column.

  • Psssh! Who doesn’t know that?!?!

    Here’s an extension: when you’ve got that whole column highlighted, if you want to change every formula (or value) in the column to be the same, just type it in and hit Ctrl-Enter–will apply your changes to all highlighted cells, as if you’d used a copy-paste. Works on more than just columns, by the way.

  • Read mine out loud.

  • Ah! NOW I see what you did there. Perv.

  • I said SEXY Excel….

    I do have to say though that I didn’t know the CNTL-Enter thing so this
    whole post has been worth it.