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Head Shot and Resume
What Manner of Man is He?
Richard II
Rose Rage
Tis Pity She’s a Whore

Count the Cost

As an atheist in modern America, I am on edge about cultural Christianity burrowing deeper and deeper into my civic institutions; I am frustrated by the persecution complex that leads to protests whenever Christian privilege is rolled back; but ...

Plan Rocker Show Stopper

Theatre producers seem to live in a permanent terror about the pending Ragnarok. It may be that most of the theatre makers I know don't have even 60 days cash on hand never mind a liquid operating fund, but it seems that they are always looking to ...


I'm sure that for all performers there are literal moments in performance that are trapped in amber. For my tribe, the non-institutional vagabonds for whom show runs are so short, I think there are likely a higher percentage of those freeze-frames ...

Sweet Creature of Bombast

You don't get to script your endings... Willie Mays as a Met, Dwight Evans as a Baltimore Oriole, Joe Montana as a Kansas City Chief - I actually couldn't tell you what colour Jerry Rice was wearing when he stopped playing football. It doesn't ...