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Head Shot and Resume
What Manner of Man is He?
Richard II
Rose Rage
Tis Pity She’s a Whore


I'm sure that for all performers there are literal moments in performance that are trapped in amber. For my tribe, the non-institutional vagabonds for whom show runs are so short, I think there are likely a higher percentage of those freeze-frames ...

Sweet Creature of Bombast

You don't get to script your endings... Willie Mays as a Met, Dwight Evans as a Baltimore Oriole, Joe Montana as a Kansas City Chief - I actually couldn't tell you what colour Jerry Rice was wearing when he stopped playing football. It doesn't ...

The Road Goes Ever Ever On

I am a sentimentalist. I cry at everything. Not just first two seasons of West Wing or Lil Sebastian like... commercials. Even when I know the manipulation is happening... even when I have notes for how the thing can manipulate better... I'm ...


Over the course of a couple of days this week I watched a livestream of someone cleaning up his Facebook profile. And it was riveting. As part of the Austin-based performance/art Fusebox Festival Brian Lobel recreated his Purge performance art ...