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How High We Go In The Dark
December 13, 2021

I came into How High We Go in the Dark with two very distinct biases against it. The very American bias that anything free can’t be -that- good (I received a preview copy in exchange for my review), and the…

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Tactics : Shout for a Purpose
July 11, 2021

The primary mode of interacting with anything on the internet is to read it as quickly as possible while performing a second task, and then explain why the content consumed is wrong or could have been better. It is the…

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May 8, 2021

I try not to get too mystical in my approach to acting. I find a lot of that sort of vocabulary to be really off-putting. In our need to ennoble the craft we try to elevate it beyond what it…

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We All Learn Eventually
March 27, 2021

In 2009 World Theatre Day changed my life. I am a community minded sort. Often my reaction to any given event is: How could we have involved more people? How could more folks have been helped? When Rebecca Coleman mentioned…

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March 15, 2021

One of the most embarrassing moment in my life that I can recall was at post-show drinks one night. I was in the sweet spot of having a reputation in Austin such that younger folks would listen and/or ask me…

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What is Love? What Will It Be Tomorrow?
March 3, 2021

“I wondered about the experience of being in relationship to a new body in a new country—like an American lesbian married to a man in Berlin.”Most of our writing about love tries to do it in primary colors, in bold…

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Do You Even Hear Yourself?
February 21, 2021

When “social media” fired up really was Web 1.5. As technology became easier a lot more folks showed up and for a lot of us it was the first real reunion with high school folks since we’d left.This radically altered…

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That Still Small Voice
February 4, 2021

Ushuwaia Blue has become a touchstone in my head for the sorts of projects I want to make acting students attempt in order to build a different kind of acting practice. Beginning acting is chock full of affection for blazing…

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Planet Rocker Show Stopper (Control of Performance)
February 2, 2021

We get trained to do what we do in very specific ways. It is VERY difficult to change the ways we do it when the future arrives, or even conceive of how it needs to be done.I grew up and…

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